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Donate Us

Donate Us

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Social Thank You - We’ll give you a personal thank you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram story.

Estimated delivery: 1 May 2023



If you donate £15 or more you will not only receive a video message, but also a personal handwritten thank you message from our team, and a social media shoutout! These messages will all be written on customised cards, and may even contain surprise stickers, just for you!

Estimated delivery: 1 June 2023





A privileged adventure or a great discount awaiting for you. You can enjoy personalised photography with the perfect style in London for free. We will provide a set of Hanfu for you and our makeup artist will provide her professional service and hair styling for you. Then our photographer will provide a private filming journey with you in London. The second opinion is that you can enjoy 70% off for all jewellery and accessories. You can use this discount either by shopping online or offline.

Estimated delivery: 1 June 2023


Who are beneficiaries?

Fashion lovers! Culture enthusiasts! Xenophile! And More! If you want to wear beautiful clothes, or are attracted by a different culture, or would like to create a great memory in the UK, we will be the right choice for you.


Future prospects

In the future, we want to have an experience studio in London. People can visit this place for a deeper experience of traditional garments and a different culture, like renting or purchasing Hanfu and accessories, doing traditional style and enjoying personalized photography in oriental scenes.

We also want to collaborate with boroughs, local communities, churches, and schools to promote niche cultures by proposing some workshops.

The business will donate 1% of every order's income to UK-based charity organisations. The focus of donations will be on supporting vulnerable groups and women's organisations.


    Where will the money go?

    Our minimum target of £500 will help us book our spaces for the showcasing in the Cultural Style Week Multicultural Fashion Finale which will be held on 27th May 2023.

    £1000 will help us book our tables at comic cons that will be held on 21st May in Coventry and on 18th June in  Guildford.

    £1500 will help us book a place at the MCM comic con that will be held from 26th to 28th May 2023 in London.

    If we hit our target, we would really show up at the MCM comic con with great props and settings for people to take pictures at our vender.


    Help us succeed!

    Any donation - however small - puts us one step closer to reaching our targets and putting on a memorable experience for people who visit the UK.

    You can still help us reach our targets even if you cannot donate - please share this project with anyone and everyone, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, by text, telephone, email, or through traditional word of mouth!

    Please give us a helping hand. Your generosity matters.


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